Jun 28, 2021

Why is it that we seek validation and approval from others?

Seeking validation and approval from others has been ingrained in us for such a long time.

When we were young kids, we looked to our mum and dad for nod or a smile to tell us when we're doing a good job. To tell us whether we're being a good girl or a good boy.

As we went to school, we looked to our teachers for praise and acknowledgement.

When we became adults, we looked to our bosses and managers to actually tell us when we're doing a good job, and when we're eligible for that raise or that promotion.

And now more than ever, we look to social media to see how many likes, loves, comments, or shares that we received from our last post.

So why is it that we're seeking love, validation and approval from others?

Ultimately I believe that it's because we lack self-love, self-confidence and self-trust.

We become such people pleasers that we end up compromising our own needs and desires.

No one likes to be judged.

We all just want to be liked. We all just want to fit in.

We all want to be loved, but we don't need validation for our actions.

When we let go of that need for approval and validation, we actually let go of the stress of constantly worrying about what other people think of us.

So if you're ready to let go of the need for validation and approval, here are five tips to help you to let go of that need for approval.


The first and most important thing is to love yourself.

Practice self-love daily.

Get up each day and look in the mirror and say, "I love you" to yourself.

Tell yourself something positive, and actually practice gratitude each day.


The second thing has to do with your energy.

Focus your energy on what's truly important for you.

Follow your passions and follow the things that bring you joy and pleasure.


The third thing is to trust yourself.

Trust your inner guidance.

Listen to the little nudges and the inner whispers of your heart.

Trust that you are always receiving guidance from the universe, and…

Trust that you’re NOT going crazy!

Keep your promises to yourself and always speak kindly to yourself.


The fourth thing is to guard your mind.

Stay away from TV.

If you can't stay away from TV, at least limit how much you watch and what you watch on TV.

There's so much negativity out there that can be challenging not to get caught up in the negative drama.

So stay away from TV as much as you can, if you can.

Stay away from negative people – the negative ninjas, drama-makers, dream-stealers, and naysayers.

Take a break from social media.

Stop comparing yourself to other people and stop checking your phone to see how many likes, comments, or loves you received from that post.


The fifth thing is to own your decisions.

You're not a product of your circumstances, you're a product of your decisions.

So own your decisions, don't let your decisions own you.

I hope these tips have served you today.

If you any questions, please reach out. I'm here to help and I would love to hear from you.

I’m sending you so much love, magic and miracles.

As always… Live your passions, Love your life!

With Love & Gratitude,

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