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Have you felt like your life is chafing at the edges?



The world is changing, can you feel it?


The old ways are chafing at the edges of your soul, ready to be released so you can find your path.

As a new world is being birthed, you are invited to change with it.

This book is your invitation to step into your power and release what is

no longer serving you. It's time to acknowledge and embrace your

ability to change, evolve and transform like a butterfly. It might be

daunting and uncomfortable at times. However, with the guidance,

knowledge and experience that the women within this book share,

your path can become a little easier, a little more joyful, and it just

might take you beyond what you thought you were capable of doing

and being. Each chapter asks you to look at your life, dig deep, and

implement the changes you seek, so you can live your best life and fly.

Are you ready to be an empowered woman who empowers?

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The Co-Authors 

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