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Are you ready to awaken your deepest self?

The Deeper Calling is a 3-month deep dive journey for women in transition, desiring to gain a deeper sense of purpose and meaning of their life’s journey so that they can ultimately transform their pain into passion, purpose and power.

During this 3-month journey, we will be diving deep into all levels of the mind, body and spirit. Every woman’s experience of this journey will be uniquely different.

This journey is all about peeling back the layers and letting go of the masks and the disempowering beliefs that no longer serve you. 


It will be intimate.


It will be real.


You will be asked to step up, to show up, be seen and be heard.

This is an important process because for a long time, we have lived in a patriarchal society, where we as women, have been conditioned to dim our lights. I have spoken to so many women who would love to be more, do more and have more, but they feel stuck and unable to truly move towards the direction of their dreams. 

Many women I have spoken to and worked with have experienced and are experiencing a massive imbalance between their masculine and feminine energies. Many are feeling called to express themselves in a bigger, more expansive way, yet they fear how others may judge them.

We live in a fast-paced society where everything is all about DOING and action-taking, and not enough BEING and flowing. As a result, many women have become more masculine in their energies. Having learnt to suppress their true feminine nature, they have lost touch with their inner divine feminine and ultimately, their true authentic self.

This 3-month journey will be a process of exploring your internal world, questioning your current belief systems, and releasing the beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

This will be a deep dive journey where you get to explore all the depths of your soul - your light and your shadow. 

This is a process of unmasking and releasing all that no longer serves you, so that you can show up to the world and unapologetically be your true authentic self.

The Deeper Calling is an immersive 3 month journey for the woman who is ready to connect to their deepest purpose.

Is this the year you say YES to your Soul’s calling?

Hi, I’m Joergette

I had to die a thousand times in order to rise from the ashes and fully claim my calling.

As a speaker, coach and facilitator of transformational healing journeys for women, I love to integrate practical tools with spiritual practices to help women live in alignment with their passions and purpose.

I’m on a mission to help women embody their true authentic self and remove the blocks that are holding them back from realising their true potential.

I’m committed to helping raise the vibration of Mother Earth and I truly believe that the challenges we go through are the catalysts for discovering and activating our deeper calling. 

I look forward to being able to help you access your power, step into your truth and share the work you love.



This is for the woman who...


  • Feels the DEEPER CALLING within
  • Is ready to crack open and explore the DEPTHS OF HER SOUL - her light and her shadow
  • Desires to RECONNECT with her PASSIONS and DISCOVER her PURPOSE
  • Is yearning to EXPRESS herself in a bigger, more EXPANSIVE way
  • Is ready to reclaim her POWER and step into her TRUTH
  • Desires to rise above and TRANSFORM her pain into passion purpose and power
  • Is craving to BREAK FREE from being a people pleaser
  • Is in transition undergoing her own DEATH & REBIRTH, desiring to RELEASE the PAST so she can step into her FUTURE
  • Feels as though she has lost her sense of IDENTITY
  • Desires to set herself FREE and reclaim her Divine Feminine Leadership

Do you want to live this life knowing you said yes to your deeper calling? 


There may be times where I ask you to do things that are uncomfortable and you may want to disengage and disconnect from me. In these moments, I invite you to lean in, feel into the discomfort and show up anyway in all your rawness and vulnerability. 

This is a safe space and sacred container for you to experience all of you. So give yourself permission to explore all the emotions you may experience, because they all serve a purpose.

What I absolutely know deep in my core is that this will impact your life in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine from where you are right now.

This journey will activate you to align, awaken and ascend to the next level of your soul’s evolution, ready to answer your deeper calling within.

I am honoured and excited to be guiding you and sharing this journey with you.


Client Love


Joergette is an amazing mentor and life coach"


WOW, what a surprising and life changing experience! Joergette is an amazing mentor and life coach and helps you dive deep into your soul to identify what your passions truly are, so you can then actively work towards your life goals and ultimately live a more happy and fulfilled life. She also incorporates meditation, so the entire experience feels like you’re nourishing your whole body and soul. I cannot recommend her training more highly. Can't wait to attend another session! xxx Thanks so much Joergette






"She quickly got to the core of my life situation"

I had a very helpful and powerful session with Joergette the other day. She quickly got to the core of my life situation as it is today and her practical recommendation of tools and what to focus on for the next step felt very accurate. I am very grateful for the session and can truly recommend Joergette’s heartfelt, compassionate and wise guidance. 





"Joergette has a strong spiritual gift when it comes to connecting with people"

Joergette is an inspiring coach with a deep passion for assisting people to find the paths that will bring them happiness and fulfillment. She has a strong gift when it comes to connecting with people and her warmth and compassion draw people to work with her and reach constructive and positive outcomes for their lives. It was an honour to cross paths.







This 3-month deep dive journey will include:


  • 9 x 1-hour 1:1 Coaching Calls – 3 calls and 1 week break for integration every month
  • Videos, Activities, Journal Prompts, Activations & Meditations
  • Access to the Membership Site 
  • Support - Messenger, Email, WhatsApp


The journey comprises of 9 private coaching calls over the 3 months. These are one hour coaching calls via Zoom.


During this 3-month journey, you will receive support from me via Email, Messenger and WhatsApp on top of the Zoom sessions for times where you need extra support and guidance, especially when things come up.



Whilst there are set topics that will be covered (outlined below), this 3-month journey is intuitively guided. Each session is tailored to your specific needs and outcomes, so the topics we cover will be specific to what emerges for you and what I feel is going to best serve you.


Your journey to meet your deeper calling starts here



Is this the year you say yes to your deeper calling?



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